Study En Plein Air

Photo series and Video Installation

The installation focuses on a series of videos and images studying light in nature. The canvas within the images serves as a screen to highlight the changing patterns of sunlight on a summer afternoon. Taking inspiration from impressionist painters, Study En Plein Air re-evaluates the qualities of light outdoors through the new medium of video and digital photography. The videos are full of subtle movements, layering and masking, examining the boundaries of video to create video works that can function as paintings. The installation is a study of natural light through the medium of digital light, attempting to link formal concerns of traditional mediums to new media interpretations.

The digital photographs provide context for the video and projection, addressing concerns of traditional painting through the draping of the fabric and quality of light in the setting. Taking inspiration from impressionist painters like Monet and Renoir, the video piece documents the changing light on a summer afternoon in three vignettes. The canvas functions as a screen to capture the light in the natural settings while the changing sun and wind animates the canvas to show the subtleties of light and air. The videos were edited to offset the light and movement captured on the canvas compared to their surroundings, creating an uncanny landscape where it is not always obvious whether the light on the canvas and the light in the surroundings match. The canvas was isolated through masking to allow the two components of the scene to work independently from one another.


This installation will be exhibited at Cedar Ridge Gallery in Toronto, Ontario in October 2017