interstellar illusions & delusions

Into the Void is a photo series and web-based virtual reality space where participants navigate abstract landscapes on the precipice of a void. Navigating these serene landscapes and structures accompanied by sound and text, participants engage in a guided meditation on the concept of emptiness in both positive and negative aspects. Into the Void juxtaposes the calm, quiet and potential of nothingness with loneliness, loss and the unknown.

Referencing the aesthetic of imaginary architectural spaces ​popular on social media​ as a respite from the business of online life, Into the Void takes this concept a step further by inviting the participant to experience these places spatially. The dream-like landscapes are rendered in gradients of blue creating the impression of an endless blue void. The text and sound reference guided meditation and ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos popular online, cultivating a feeling of calm while meditating on the concept of nothingness, asking the participant to consider what is gained and what is lost in letting go.